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Welcome to Illinois Valley Public Transportation Plan (IVPTP) website. This website has been created to provide an overview about the public transportation plan, the study process and schedule, and to gather public input regarding mobility and ways to address these needs, while developing the vision for the future of public transportation in the Illinois Valley Region. We invite you to explore the website and provide your comments and recommendations regarding the public transportation plan through the Stay Informed section.

An extensive public outreach effort is an essential part of the process to ensure the identified trends, mobility needs, and appropriate public transportation strategies are developed to reflect and meet the needs of Illinois Valley citizens, businesses and transportation users. The study team has begun outreach efforts with identified stakeholders and special interest groups. This will allow the team to understand issues and concerns related to specific areas of concern and to also identify activities that may influence or alter the short and long range recommendations. Learn More >

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Where Are We Now?

Currently, the transit study is entering the 3rd and 4th phase of a four phase schedule.

After the Steering Committee meets in early March, the next round of Public Meetings will occur in late March 2015 where the preliminary results of Phase 3 and 4 will be shared and discussed. A draft recommended short-term and long-term plan will be presented, guiding the planning and programming of proposed transit improvements in the area.

View presentation from April 2014 Public Meetings

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